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Pointerfest 2020 is going virtual!

We were sitting around wondering how we could still bring you

your beloved Pointerfest in the middle of a global pandemic.

Hmmmmmmmmm.... Did someone say 'The Internet'?

We've all come to rely on these new methods of staying

in contact over the last few months so the opportunity to

put on the best show in the calendar via the World Wide

Web just can't be turned down.

Are you with us?

We will be running a number of your favorite events 

throughout the week of July 13th by asking you to submit 

videos of your amazing pooches doing what they do best:

going crazy! 

Stay tuned for more details of how to enter. We  can't wait to see

you amazing clips.

Entry is completely free and no PPE will be required for this event

you'll be pleased to know.

Check out our event pages for details of our new, even crazier dog-and-owner

show classes you can participate in.  Click here to see our virtual stall holders

and, of course, check out previous years' fun in the Gallery .

See you very soon, Pointerfesters!


Look for our special 2020 bandanas on the events page

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