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Pointerfest 2019 was lucky to be supported by three amazing photographers. Each have taken images to support our World Record atempt, to capture the essence of the day and also a variety of portrait shots. All images are available to purchase, simply click the photographers below to see their outstanding work.

Meet our photographer...


Hi everybody I'm Mike and I'm honoured to be invited back to be the official pointerfest pooch paparazzi this year.

About me:

I'm originally from Leicester but currently based in South Yorkshire, I'm a musician, studio engineer and photographer. I have an MA in music production and play drums, guitar, piano and sing.

I originally got into photography to put some visuals to my musical exploits, and i was always taking pictures of my other favourite things: dogs, so it's kind of developed from there.

As well as my creative passions I am an animal lover and I'm definitely in my element when getting to know new furry friends.

I'm actively involved in animal rescue, whether it be fundraising for my local animal rescue charities, volunteering at the kennels or fostering homeless hounds.

If you see me about at pointerfest feel free to say hi and introduce your furry family.

You can follow my musical and photographical exploits on Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram:




See you at pointerfest!


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